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Hearts of Iron 3 Sale

Posted by Deathbane 
Hearts of Iron 3 Sale
October 04, 2014 04:21PM
If Yalk can do it, so can I. Sale is on to the 6th, really really good game. I think i prefer it slightly to Europa Universalis 4.


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Re: Hearts of Iron 3 Sale
October 04, 2014 08:34PM
I can do this

Also bane, I've been playing mods with EU4, like extended timeline 0ad-9999ad is pretty good

All paradox games are on sale, so EU4 is on sale too ....couple other good games

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Re: Hearts of Iron 3 Sale
October 04, 2014 09:02PM
Awesome, I have EUIV and had started a good game on it as northumbria in 600 ad or something with the extended mod. Nearly have the entire country under my control and want to form England.. its going really well so far.. too well.. Just started to get into it finally.

But yes Hearts of Iron 3 is more.. military orientated because of the timeline, which is pretty awesome and is a good addition.

Need to get playing some of these in mp.

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Re: Hearts of Iron 3 Sale
October 05, 2014 02:46PM
Too in-depth for my taste still they are cool games.

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Re: Hearts of Iron 3 Sale
October 07, 2014 05:36AM
They really aren't that complicated

Like, at all

Bane, my boner...yes, will play eu4 anytime, or HoI

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Re: Hearts of Iron 3 Sale
October 07, 2014 01:51PM
I have just converted Northumbria into England, after I have taken over everywhere except Norfolk. For some reason, the fucking dutch vassalised Norfolk, and it looks like a long and bloody war between me and the dutch is now inevitable.

Midea, is now basically defacto island, i am working to make my vassal after very good relations for the past one hundred years. I had to sell out another potential vassal, and conquer them, to give to midea so they would have the strength to keep the scottish islands and the rest of the scottish fucks busy. Thankfully, now with the saxons and scottish purged and fully integrated, celtic England is ready to wreck shit.

Yalk is right, they arn't that bad, but I do find some mechanics confusing and can understand as they need alot of patience etc. I still don't fully understand EUIVs trade system. I understand upstream and downstream nodes enough though to know that if i fuck the dutch, with both london and amsterdam, ill be raking it in.

Can you import games into MP? if so Yalk, would be great to play it coop with you. You can take whatever nation you like, would be good to truly get into it. Will have some time this coming weekend hopefully/friday

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Re: Hearts of Iron 3 Sale
October 07, 2014 05:53PM
I can teach you anything bane, trade is pretty simple..you basically figured it out...

EU4 is the tits, for this reason alone...start MP, I join your game in steam, select your save, I load it, I pick nation, play...then when we are done you can save and continue playing in SP later...you can hot drop too but that was buggy and crashed last time I tried it...

I like to keep my games seperate though, do you really want me turning a minor into a major that turns hostile and dicks your anus when it goes back to AI control?

(I love how you've literally wiped just my people out, Scott's and Saxons)

I got Hearts btw, my thing is, EU4 has alittle bit grander scope than WW2, you can start or end 40 yr wars in EU4 just as big....just feels more sandboxy

I say we start super early and go from there, truly carve out some nations smiling smiley maybe recreate the Saxon invasions of Britain tongue sticking out smiley

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Re: Hearts of Iron 3 Sale
October 09, 2014 01:21PM
Cheeky bugger tongue sticking out smiley Ive just spent 5 hours ensuring the saxons ge the fuck off England. I don't hate them so much as the dutch, and they are allied with the dutch because they want my lands.

So I have no choice but to fight them. Thankfully im friends with both the Visigoths and a massive tribe of french pagans i cant remember the name of, so they would get wrecked if they declared war. My army is already much bigger along with my ships then theirs.

i can see what you mean about having different saves, but i'd actually love to play my current game in EUIV with you and others. Im more enjoying how things are turning out differently from actual history: having you take some scrub state into a valued ally / great enemy would be quite awesome. Maybe you can form Germany or rebuild Rome which would be great even if it means I get wrecked. I chose northumbria as a state because it had FUCK all, and could only support like max 2k troops with a shit tax base. Even if England now gets wrecked / Bernicia, it has already been a huge success for me to unite the entire island with only one reload..

I think hearts of iron 3s focus is its main draw but also its detriment as like you said it feels less grand. However i think that is also WHY id play it over EUIV - because it simulates that narrow period of interesting history.

Im surprised Erk has wanked all over this thread about recreating the winter war in it tongue sticking out smiley

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Re: Hearts of Iron 3 Sale
October 09, 2014 10:53PM
Well, if that's what will get you playing, I'll jump in playing someone whenever you want smiling smiley

The other best thing is that there is no win condition....if your goal is to form Great Britain and that's it, then that's it! You've won, start new game

I usually set smallish goals, do that and then start a new game

But yeah, will play EU4 anytime however you like really...

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