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MWLL tournament

Posted by Ancient Demise 
MWLL tournament
February 12, 2014 01:46AM
Hey guys.
Rajveer dropped me a line asking about joining us for the MWLL tournament coming up. CGB would be honored to have any CJW or lonewolves join us. I really have no idea how many I can field on any random day and we could sure use the help.

Our first match is against KoS on Sunday th 16th at 00:00 GMT so unfortunately I will not be there for it but I will do my best to organize it.
Anyone with comp team drop experience or mwll tourney experience will be more than appreciated!
PM me if you are unable to contact Rajveer and need our TS info.
Re: MWLL tournament
February 12, 2014 03:31AM
Sorry for any confusion Ancient Demise but CJW isn't playing in the tournament, I meant possibly merging our freelance unit with yours. Let's chat over at MWLL forums smiling smiley
Re: MWLL tournament
February 12, 2014 10:52AM
probably not a bad idea to post here though. Always good to hear from old MWLL guys, and you never know, someone might pick it up again smiling smiley
Re: MWLL tournament
February 17, 2014 09:06PM
As always

If I'm online, not busy, your fixing to play, AND absolutely need a pilot (whether he is covered in rust or not)

I'm game

...as far as experience, I had plenty in the doomed Planetary league, and filling in multiple spots as a reserve pilot for other events...send me a PM on here or catch me on our TS server...

my only conditional is...if all the above are met and the game isn't rolling within 15 minutes of contacting me I reserve the right to fuck off and do something else...

"SORRY, I couldn't hear you over the sound of my tits! what were you saying?"