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Chaos March Planetary Capture Event

Posted by duelist 
Chaos March Planetary Capture Event
December 05, 2014 03:34PM
Hello CJW,
This coming weekend the Chaos March event is being played. Everyone is welcome to come watch or play.

Event times are 02:00 14:00 Saturday 02:00 16:00 Sunday. All times UTC.
Planetary Capture Event with regiment pools
Best 3 of 5 Maps
Players can join or quit as they please
Metagame and strategy handled by team leaders
Teamspeak required to play
Join Ready Room on teamspeak mwll.mwmaster.net to play.

Come hop on the game server to spectate live or see Burners' Twitch stream
Updates also found in the battlelog
Event FAQ

Re: Chaos March Planetary Capture Event
December 07, 2014 03:58PM
You know. I salute you guys for still playing that mod. Much fun was had in those days when I played.

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