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Champions Before Fireworks July 1 - July 4 Arena Event MWLL

Posted by duelist 
Champions Before Fireworks July 1 - July 4 Arena Event MWLL
June 24, 2016 09:48PM
Hello CJW!
We are having an event next weekend in MWLL . Thanks for hosting Funbocks and helping keep mwll going!


Are you the biggest badass to ever pilot a mech? Do people fear your name? Think you can take out ten mechs in the arena? Champion yourself a champion? Show off your amazing skills and prove it!

Ok pilots! It is Fourth of July Weekend. More time off work. More time to spend with family… or to sneak into the basement and avoid the relatives! Come home mechwarriors! Warm up the engines and knock the rust out.

Champions Before Fireworks

Friday 1 July – Monday 4 July

4 quarterfinals Friday and Saturday at times designed to maximize worldwide participation
Weight class championships either Saturday or Sunday
Open class Grand Championship either Sunday or Monday




SA Alshain
SA Coliseum
SA Dogfight (flyers only)
SA ForsakenV04
SA Glory
SA Goldenrocks
SA Helsgate
SA Jungle
SA Vista


Last Man Standing game mode restricted by weight class. Four quarterfinal qualifying rounds. One semifinal championship for each weight class. One grand championship, open class, finale.

2 practice rounds, 3rd round counts for that weight class.
Play light > assault for each of the quarterfinals
Top 3 pilots advance from each weight class from each quarterfinal to the semi finals
At large bids for championship and open championship if space allows
Top 3 pilots from each semi final invited to the Grand Championship
Possible freely scheduled matches or mini brackets for specific asset classes.

Quarterfinal Times (best guess, final times announced later)

Friday 1 July East Europe/Asia Time Friendly
Friday 1 July USA Night
Saturday 2 July Early Morning Europe
Saturday 2 July Primetime

Sunday 3 July Semi, Grand Championship?
Monday 4 July Grand Championship


USA based Huntress Network
Open to other servers if we get “donations” in time

How to host a server
More details later
Basically have all of the maps loaded, preferably in a levelrotation
Set game mode to Last Man Standing
Set money to a lot, at least 200,000 a player
Contact duelist with server name, location, and server administrator
Administrator need not be around but it would help

More information coming soon. Main thing is to spread the word right now…

Event leader board with total kills and points
Qualify regular SA match
Freely schedule matches
Mini asset-specific classes TBA