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TC Forsaken?

Posted by Ivaan 
TC Forsaken?
October 27, 2012 01:51PM
Hi again!

Roughly two months ago I made a TC update for my old TSA Forsaken map. It has only one capture point, so it is like a king of the hill gametype.
I haven't seen this map in rotations, which is not a problem at all. If it is not interesting, then it should not be in rotations. However I just wanted to ask, if this type of tc map (one cap point) is considered a viable direction, or just a pseudo TSA mode?
I'm asking because I don't really have first hand experience with King of the Hill maps, and I thought you guys can give me some info, as you are running the only populated servers these days.

Anyway, here is the link, if you have not seen it yet:

(The weather is harsher than on the TSA version, therefore the visibility is worse.)
Re: TC Forsaken?
October 27, 2012 06:26PM
We ran the SA version of this for a while. I'm willing to give this a try. Same settings as Acid KOTH - 30 minutes, 333 tickets. It'll be on Beta and NFB soon.

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Re: TC Forsaken?
October 29, 2012 11:29AM
Ok, thanks very much! Let me know if you have some thoughts on it.