Idea for map rotation / voting system
November 30, 2014 06:28PM
So, i came up with an idea for a new implementation of this stuff.

- make 2 different map pools: stock maps pool and mixed maps pool
- If no one is voting, the server would just use the stock pool for the map rotation

- For any kind of vote (either !rockthevote or just normal vote), the server would pick the vote options from the mixed pool instead.

Basically if no one is voting, the server would keep using only stock maps. I think in this way we could lose less (new) players because of long downloading times caused by crappy connections.

I don't know how to do it, (well I actually know how but I don't have the required skills to create such script eye rolling smiley ), i'm just throwing ideas here.

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Re: Idea for map rotation / voting system
December 08, 2014 07:54PM
Not an unreasonable idea. Shouldn't be too hard either. I'll implement it at some point, but it may take a bit.

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