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Greetings from HTO!

Posted by HTO Wespe 
Greetings from HTO!
June 04, 2012 03:42PM
Hi there!

As some of you may noticed some HTO tagged peeps appeared on your server. I would like to introduce ourselves for future relationship. HungarianTeam Online is a nationality based (hungarian grinning smiley ) multigaming clan, we represent our banner in different games such as: World of Tanks, Eve Online Battlefield 3 and so on.. . We operate in either an independent gaming group or merged into another, if our numbers are not sufficient to operate adequately. As we found out that we have some members who like the BT universe we thought we could open a MWO/ MWLL branch. So far we gathered two full star of mechs ( and the third is in making ) with their respective pilots.

As in any game you need allies to have that little edge to win the day. We are seeking friends and allies for the upcoming MWO game and since we are playing on your server it was pretty straightforward to contact you. At the moment we are still discussing the future but i'm sure things will go well.
Till then we'll be practicing on MWLL \o/

May the ERPPC be with you!
HTO Wespe

ps.: if this isn't the right place would you be so kind as to move this topic in the appropriate section please.
Re: Greetings from HTO!
June 04, 2012 05:22PM
It's always great to see more players in this game. So welcome aboard!

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Re: Greetings from HTO!
June 07, 2012 08:22PM
Sziasztok HTO

Nem beszelek magyarul.

That is about the extent of my Hungarian. In my defense, it is a very difficult language. I always feel really bad that I only know one language (and I speak that one pretty poorly)

Nice of you guys to pop by, and hopefully see you on the battlefield.


P.S. Saját légpárnás tele van angolnák (I had to look those ones up)

"Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam"