MWLL 0.7.1 plus Crysis Wars Trial 1.5 Combined Installer - Release
February 05, 2013 08:26PM
Ladies and Gentlemen, for you consideration, Gouty and Haarp (but don't let that put you off) are proud to present

MWLL 0.7.1 plus Crysis Wars Trial 1.5 Combined Installer
Version 1.1

Or as we've come to call it:

MWLL GOuTY Edition

What this does:
  • Extracts Crysis Wars Trial 1.5 and MWLL files up to 0.7.1
  • Adds the launcher and MWLL tools
  • Allows users to add a product key, or create a random one*
  • Populates the InstallDir in the relevant part of the registry
  • Creates a blank profile without having to load up Crysis Wars first
* if you use a random value you will only be able to join servers that do not check for a valid Crysis Wars key

This allows new players to get started in MWLL with a single download, and a single install. Hopefully eliminating many prospective players first hurdle to getting into MWLL.

Version 1.1 ~5.9GB:
Torrent - PLEASE SEED!

Mirror 1 - Germany (CJW)
Mirror 2 - Chicago (cyofee)
MD5: 47afed00e2c7c83877f938a8b33e59b2
sha256: 88e6b6ca751ba1b0e2aa94d5e7858910714e9808c3b0ef10f19dc758cf1a3f4

Version 1 (old version)~5.9GB:
Mirror 1 - Finland (TrollerLover)
Mirror 2 - Chicago (cyofee)
MD5: 98a86fac509986a8294248a46f74d26b
SHA256: 4b63cb960494decc146c43ca393978ff1650df808867ccdcb26d2becacdf41b3

"Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam"

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