The Final Assault: Operation Viper 2 June 28-29
June 17, 2014 03:46AM
Event Thread

The Final Assault: Operation Viper 2

* Saturday June 28-Sunday June 29
0:00 gmt Saturday – 03:00 gmt Monday

Come one, come all. Sign up in advance as an individual or as a team in the thread. You can show up even if you don’t!

Operation Viper 2 is being planned using the framework from the original Operation Viper.

If there is enough participation we will include some simple planetary league elements such as capturing planets, factory destruction, and strongholds used to ban certain variants before matches start (Oh, God, pick the Shiva A, quick!).

Games will be played in TC mode when there are 6 or more players per side, as tonnage-based drops when there are 4 or more players per side, and in TSA mode when there are 1 or more players per side.

There will be a map pack available for download in the event thread [] that will contain all of the maps needed to play in the event.

All assets will be available (depending on the map). No more than 1 APC may be built for a drop. No more than 5 BA may be taken into a drop. Games will be played in puretech mode when possible. For drops, the Innersphere team will play with 360 tons available while Clan will play with 320 tons (,17371.0.html). No repeating assets during a single drop (ie. don’t take two Shadowcat Cs in the same drop).

Star Map PDF []

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