Server Overview
March 01, 2011 09:16AM
Our servers are the =CJW= Funbocks(es).

Funbocks Alpha: : 64100 - Team Solaris Arena / Terrain Control, all maps
Funbocks Beta: : 64110 - Team Solaris Arena / Terrain Control, official maps only
Funbocks Gamma: : 64120 - Solaris Arena (FFA), all maps

Check our frontpage for some links to stats and such.

Feedback is always welcome! Let us know on here or IRC. Guest may even post in this sub-forum without registration.

Maps: Want to try a new map? Don't like a map? Tell us! We're always eager to keep the map rotation fresh and enjoyable. If you dislike a custom map, make sure to also tell the mapper why. Most of them can be found in the Community created content section on the MWLL forum.

Cheaters, teamkillers or other asshats: Please provide proof in the form of screenshots or videos and make a thread! If the problem is still ongoing you may also contact me directly on IRC and I will intervene.

Technical problems: The Install Guide provides valuable resources.

Got banned? You may appeal the ban. Make a thread!

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Re: Server Information
February 11, 2014 11:53PM
advanced stats for all servers

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