Cheater report - MrRocketBoots
August 04, 2014 03:38PM
Ok, I saw this guy not much time ago (about 00:00 - 01:00 AM UTC - 4th August 2014) shooting at me from inside a mountain on TC_IvoryTower.
So I decided to spectate and watch how this guy was playing. Then I noticed some really weird stuff about him

- Perfect aim with any kind of lasers and BA AC2/Bear Autocannon
- Couldn't hit anything with ballistic weapons
- His mech's arms were following the targets even when they weren't in his LOS
- Could aim at missiles and even Long Tom shells
- "Accidentally" got out of his tanks many times.
- Perfect timing at ejecting (always at 10% center torso health)

- TERRIBLE at playing (used very shitty assets, bad tactics, bad movements, no team play at all)

I can provide videos and screenshots, just didn't have the time to upload them.

EDIT: UPDATE: He also connected to our servers, and his Gamespy name appears to be "DustMuffin" - not 100% sure, though -

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Re: Cheater report - MrRocketBoots
August 05, 2014 09:24PM
Sounds like some kid who discovered Crysis cheats and used them in MWLL. Solved. Let me know if he reappears.

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