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Until further notice: Recent changes and Gmail's dumbassery forced me to disable forum emails (private messages, password reset, etc). Sorry for the inconvenience! For help, please contact haarp on this forum or on IRC! It's quick and painless. Mostly.

We were born in the crucible of fire known as MechWarrior: Living Legends. We are always open to prospective recruits who enjoy a fun but competitive atmosphere, where comradeship is as highly valued as prowess behind the controls of a BattleMech or UEE Hornet. Being grounded in the BattleTech Universe we also provide some roleplaying aspects, simulating Clan command structure and dispute resolution through trials of combat. As a Trueborn or Freebirth warrior, we hope to meet you on the battlefield. Seyla!

Visit the front page for some helpful links. Many of us play CBT (tabletop) or its computer version, MegaMek. We also maintain MW:LL servers and casually play MW:O. Our interests span a wide variety of games and genres, so visit our Other Games section for more information. If you don't see your favorite game, make a post!
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